Principal’s Desk

Principal’s Desk

The St. Mary’s Central School a synonym of Excellence strive to introduce an unusual striking note in students to wrest the elixir of love – induced richness of life and also a prospect of contented future studded with coveted honours of a professional career. We envision in our students not only their intellectual adventure, socially beneficial behavior, un-matched co-curricular activities, laurel winning leadership caliber but also an incredible zest for the world, which is spiritually motivated. Enshrined in a green and serene environment with conductive conditions for growth and learning, we try to perceive their personality culture, their skill to climb up the ladder of success and the audacity to win over the obstacles in the life -March. Our mission is to mould our students to be oriented towards reaching for the stars of excellences with their feet rooted in the ground of reality with confidence. We take care to expel the darkness of ignorance from the youth by shedding in to them the flaming light of true wisdom.

We are into a new academic year filled with aspirations and promises. These aspirations can be accomplished and promises fulfilled only if we are willing to change ourselves. Problems will be solved; issues will be settled; hurdles will be overcome; mountains will be conquered; provided, we have the will to change ourselves. Being lazy and lethargic would never serve our purpose. We need to shift our gears. We should be swift in adapting ourselves to the emerging situations. We need to furnish ourselves with fresh knowledge and ideas. We should acquire new skills and blossom our potentials. We should mould our attitudes and world view rooting ourselves firmly in human values and ideals. We should be persons of good will and sound character. We need to strive always for excellence.

Dear Students,

St. Mary’s Central School, provides you with enormous possibilities with her well devised infrastructure and wide variety of programmes. Making full use of the opportunities is the only way to change and success. Grab the chances with both hands and make them count. You are here not to fall, but to stand; you are born not to fail, but to win. Remember, success demands change, and that change must begin in you.

God Bless you.