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# Every student should carry his or her almanac to the school every day.

# It is compulsory for every student to come to School in full uniform (including ID card, Tie and Footwear) on all working days

# Students must keep their hair neat, tidy and well combed. Girls should plait their hair. They must not let the hair loose. Wearing fancy and colourful hair clips and ear rings are not allowed. Girls are instructed not to wear ankle socks. Boys must have regular hair cut.

# Students should have clean and trimmed nails.

# Makeup and nail varnish are unacceptable

# Students should reach school by 9.00a.m.

# Irregular attendance, habitual late comers, disobedience or objectionable behaviour of any kind may result in dismissal.

# No student is permitted to leave the class during class hours, except for an urgent reason and that too with the permission of Principal.

# Use of unfair means during examination will be dealt with severity.

# Lending or borrowing of others articles is not permitted.

# Students should not bring any sharp items to the school.

# Students absenting themselves from school for more than 3 days have to submit an explanatory letter to the Principal written by Parent or Guardian